ViesCraft is a Minecraft based server running many carefully chosen mods and plugins. Our goal is to make the best custom Minecraft gaming experience that anyone can enjoy.

When keeping it real goes wrong.

Come bring your creativity and sense of adventure to ViesCraft today and join our ever growing community!

Server Info

ViesCraft Server Hardware:

- AMD Opteron 4238 3.3GHz

- 8GB DDR3 Memory

- Server ran on SSD Drives

- 1GB Internet port speed

ViesCraft was created on the premise that people can do what they want, as long as it is tasteful and non-toxic to the community. To do this, there must be a strong backbone to ensure that players have the freedom to express themselves while protecting what is theirs.

The following rules MUST be obeyed:

  1. No x-ray, flying, speedhacking, exploiting or any hacks.

  2. No begging for ranks or items.

  3. Behave respectfully towards others in and out of chat.

  4. Do not break any blocks placed by others.

  5. Do not modify blocks/harm animals on others property.

  6. You may build in the wild, AWAY from other builds.
    (Unless you get permission from the owner.)

  7. You may build in a town ONLY with their permission.

  8. No Poison annoyance.

  9. No spamming or excessive CAPs in chat.

  10. No Advertising other servers in chat.

If any rules are broken, it can result in being muted, jailed, or banned. Bans can be appealed in the Forums under the "Ban Appeals" section.

Please note that ViesCraft has the right to change anything, either it be based on community feedback or the beliefs of a better way of doing something.

It can be difficult sometimes to quickly find the information you are looking for. Hopefully, this section will save you some time and get you back in the game faster.


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